Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall in New England

There is no place in the United States that compares to New England in the fall. The air cools and the leaves on the trees turn from green to a variety of beautiful colors (depending on the tree).
I usually avoid New Hampshire and Maine during this season due to all the tourists that flock here to see the beautiful color of the trees. The traffic is usually at a crawl on all the scenic roads.
I was glad that this year was different. I had the opportunity to go up to the Fryeburg Fair in Maine with a couple of friends. And the best part was that we went mid-week when the traffic wasn’t bad.  We took the scenic route up and back stopping along the way to really take in the beautiful views and for me to take some photographs.
The weather going up to Maine could not have been more perfect. We couldn’t have wished for a better day. It was warm and the sun was shining bright. We weren’t as lucky with the weather the next day on our return trip. It poured most of the way home. However, it seemed that the weather God would give us a few minutes every now and then so we could get out and enjoy the view along the Kangamangus Highway in New Hampshire.
It was wonderful to get up to New Hampshire and Maine to enjoy the beauty that New England gives us after a hot and humid summer.
I am going to make this a yearly ritual from now on. It’s so beautiful in New Hampshire and Maine in the fall that I would be crazy to let a year go by without visiting a place that’s only a couple of hours from my home. Now I know that going during the week is the best time to go.
I hope you get a chance to see all that New England offers us in the fall.
Peace and Love,