Thursday, November 18, 2010

New England - through the eyes of Cathy Stacy

     Wow, it's been too long since my last post. Shame on me! But, now I'm back after many many months of a much needed break from marketing, exhibiting and doing shows.
     During my break I have continued to learn more about photography and the editing of my images; taking and editing videos; learning more about painting with acrylics; marker art and also about the different surfaces that I can create my art on. I've been busy. I just haven't been exhibiting.
     One of the surfaces that I am learning about and am excited to start painting on is wood. Yup, just plain old wood. I'm not talking about the wood that I already paint on such as my wood bookcases, china cabinet and other wood items that are in my home, but blocks of 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 inch wood blocks. I have not created any of these wood paintings yet due to the fact that I am in the process of getting a 25 piece photography exhibit ready for hanging at the Thomas Crane Public Library, 40 Washington Street, Quincy, Massachusetts from Dec. 2nd till Dec. 30th. I have called the exhibit: "New England - through the eyes of Cathy Stacy".
     As a lot of you know...I have a different and sometimes unusual way of seeing things. I seem to view life and things around me in a different way, and at a different angle. I seem to find things that others may find unusual, ironic or just different than the norm. I also do not stage, add in or take out anything that I am going to photograph. Everything must be in their natural state. Everything must be the way that I found them. That definitely sets me apart from most photographers.

     This particular exhibit has special meaning to me because I grew up in North Quincy. I'm excited and proud to show the residents (especially the young residents) my work. I want them to know that a resident of their city walks and views things a little differently than the majority does. I want them to know that it's okay to find beauty in things that others may not. I hope that by me showing my work at this library it will inspire at least one young or not so young person to explore the idea of becoming an artist.

     In this "New England" exhibit you will not only get to see the normal New England images you would imagine seeing in an exhibit titled New England, but you will also see some photographs that I have digitally enhanced to make them look more like a painting than a photograph and you will get to see some unusual things that I have found as I purposely stumble happily through my life.

     I hope you can take a few minutes from your daily schedule to check out my exhibit and see New England through my eyes.
     Peace and Love always,