Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My finds on a Sherborn hike.

There are so many times that I think about how lucky and happy I am that I can go out for an ordinary walk or hike and find things that I believe are unique, things that I find are just a little out of the ordinary, things that I find so visually exciting. These things are all there for all of us to see. It's not as if they're put there only for me to see. The difference is that I always try to stay in the moment and really take in all of my surroundings.

On a hike last month that went a little wrong. Ok, I totally take the blame for this one. But, I did warn my friends about me not being very good at making heads or tails out of a map. We actually never ended or even started on the trail that we had planned to take. The good news is that I found so many interesting things to take pictures of and we had an awesome time.

One of the things we came across were these strange but beautiful things.... not sure what they are but aren't they cool looking? Anyone know what they could be?

And, what can a hike in the woods be without running into some

So that's where we parked the cars before we went to that party. ha ha ha

I knew we were on the wrong trail??? when we kept coming upon these electric towers which my friends thought were jungle gyms.

hmmm, I left out the pictures of friends that couldn't resist climbing up on them.

We definitely had a wonderful day taking the wrong route, enjoyed the nice weather and the very cool things that I found along the way. Of course, I kept pointing my finds out to my friends. I'm not sure if they appreciated them as much as I did.

And then..... we had an awesome ending to our hike by stopping at a horse farm and saying hi to some beautiful horses. I should have taken a picture of the big sign on the fence that said "Do Not Feed The Horses", which my friends did not seem to take note of and kept trying to get me to give up my carrots to them so that they could feed the horses.

And that was our hike in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

As I've said so many times before.....when you're out walking along really look around at all the great things that are right there for your viewing pleasure.

Peace and Love,