Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Park

I love art. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm very passionate about not only my art but art of others. I love seeing the creativeness of other artists whether it's photography, painting, sculptures, etc. My mind and other artist's minds are so creative and are constantly coming up with interesting and creative ideas for our art. We're all very different, our ideas are different and our vision is different. But, then we are all so similar in that we love to create visual beauty.

Ok, on with my story. A few weeks ago I'm out on a long weekend drive across Massachusetts on a site-seeing tour. I've never before explored the western part of my home state. On this particular day we were riding along and saw a sign to a Train Museum. I think, awesome... I'm sure this will be a great photo opportunity for me. I not only think trains are so cool and beautiful in their own way, but also like photographing them. So, I'm following the signs in the middle of pretty much no where's land and low and behold I come upon this corner lot full of art work. I called this lot the "Art Park". The Art Park was on a small corner lot of land that is very similar to a lot of other empty lots that we find in many of our neighborhoods. There was probably once a house or something on it that was torn down for one reason or another. Not really important what it was, but what it is now - it's a small "Art Park". I don't know whose art it was, who put it there or anything else. There wasn't any signs with any information Too bad because I was very curious about the artists. I'm guessing it was a local artist or a group of artists who got together and thought it was the perfect place to show their art work and to share it with the community. I was amazed and so excited that I found it. I couldn't have grabbed my camera and jumped out of the car any faster if I tried. I couldn't wait to get a closer look and to photograph some of the art. I'm not sure what a lot of the sculptures were made out of. Perhaps it was Paper Mache or something like that. It was obviously something that would not be destroyed by the weather. There were a couple of sculptures that were made out of old bicycle parts. There was also a couple of art forms made out of music albums (ya, do you remember or even know what a music album is?). The theme seemed to be mostly around music. One of the two sculptures that didn't seem to have anything to do with music was a pair of giant red Converse high top sneakers made out of this Paper Mache type material hanging from a tree branch. These sneakers were bright red, huge and fun to look at. They were my favorite. I just couldn't help myself from going back to look at them again and again.

I found this art not only interesting and good, but the fact that an empty lot of land was used to share this art work with others was a fantastic idea. Perhaps if there is an abandoned or empty lot in your neighborhood you could suggest it be turned into an "Art Park" by local artists or high school artists in the area. It gives them a place to show their art and to also spruce up the empty lot.

After I finally tore myself away from the Art Park we went and found the Train Museum. Unfortunately it was closed, but we still wandered around the grounds checking out the trains. I wished it had been open so I could have seen what was inside. However, I was glad we at least got to see the trains that were outside of the Museum. Actually, it was probably good that no one was around since my friend could not resist climbing up on one of the trains.

It was a great day. Neither one of these places were on our list of things to see so it was a very nice unexpected find. It's just amazing what you can find if you only keep an eye open and stay in the moment. Expect the unexpected. I hope you stumble upon something that interests you today.

Peace and Love,