Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharpie Art

Seems like Sharpie Art has become very popular. When I started creating Sharpie Art I really didn't think I would love it. However, I have to tell you that it's so much fun and I do love it. Whenever I'm doing art work with my Sharpies I almost feel like a kid again with her crayons. There are pros and cons with using Sharpies just like with any medium, but I find there are more pros than cons in using Sharpies to create with. Unlike paint (or I haven't found a way yet) you can not mix colors to create more colors, but there are quite a few number of colors available. I like the fact that I can just throw my bags of Sharpies in my backpack along with paper or index cards and create work anywhere I want. I have done Sharpie Art on sneakers, index cards, different sized paper and also on tiles. Art doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Art can be simple, but beautiful. Here are a few of my Sharpie Art designs that I did on index cards:

Peace and Love,