Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Hampshire

I did a long weekend of camping with a great group of friends. We decided to camp at Pawtuckaway State Park, Nottingham, New Hampshire. Since I had some time before I needed to be at the campsite I decided to head up to Rye, New Hampshire travelling along Route 1A beforehand. It was a great ride bringing back memories of times with friends, a one legged sea gull we befriended, and an awesome motorcycle ride I had done. As I was travelling up this time I found this house with this scuplture in it's sprawling front yard. It was called "Spirit". It was carved using hammer and chisel and was done by David Allard Masse. After driving for miles enjoying the beautiful ocean and beautiful homes I decided it was time to head toward Pawtuckaway State Park. I had never been to this park before. I was excited to find out that it had large wooded sites, the park itself was huge, it was beautiful and there was so much to see and do. One day we rented kayaks and canoes. We rowed around exploring the lake which was very large. We ended our two hour paddling by hanging onto a friends boat and just relaxing in the sun chatting up a storm and just having some laughs. The lake was a busy place. Lots of canoers, kayakers, boaters, swimmers, etc. But, there were also quiet places where you could enjoy the tranquility of it all. There were also ducks hanging out at the lake. The entire weekend there was almost a full moon (one night it was full). The moon lit our way around the campsites. At night we watched the sunset and saw the beautiful shadows it painted on the water. On the last day we stopped at the Alpaca Farm. I've never been to one and I'm not sure if I've ever seen an Alpaca up close so this was exciting. They were absolutely beautiful. We wanted to get close and perhaps pet them, but poison ivy and an electric fence kept us away. I guess they knew how to keep this group of friends off their land. We then made our way to Boulder Field. We drove quite a few miles on pavement, then it turned to a dirt road, then it turned into a road that was 'not maintained'. As you can see in the picture of the two SUVs that were in front of me, the last 3 miles was very narrow with large holes and large rocks to deal with. I later learned this unkept road was for four-wheelers. Oh well, my Toyota Carolla loved acting like an SUV. There were only a couple of times that I actually thought I lost an axel. I had wondered if AAA would be able to locate me if my undercarriage let go. It was all worth it. At Boulder Field there are large boulders strewn about. Boulder Field is a glacial remnant area. Rock climbers enjoy doing their thing here. We saw quite a few of them. One climber asked why we weren't climbing today. That was pretty funny since two of us (ya, one of them was me) could barely hike the .4 of a mile into the field. I am so glad I went because the site was spectacular. We saw a huge beaver damn, a beaver lodge, beautiful wild mushrooms and boulders just thrown all over the place. If you ever get a chance...definitely hike in to see this site. If I did it again I would take a picnic to have on one of the boulders overlooking the water.