Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010....

Another year has come and gone. As an artist I did better than the previous year, which was my goal and probably every other artists goal. In 2009 I had decided I would only do Art Festivals, Open Studios and Art Exhibits...well, I did end up doing two higher quality Art and Craft Festivals. At the last Festival of the year I met a very interesting artist with a very interesting story. I would like to tell you about Stephen Oliver. Stephen brought Affinity Arts to Maine back in 2005 with a vision for it to be a place where artists would be inspired and to also inspire each other. Stephen wanted (after looking back in history and also at current events) to do something to better the world. He created "Make it Right!". He took the old peace sign and gave it a new look to encourage re-thinking, new and continuous discussions, for the pursuit of peace in our daily lives and to the world. He believes that "Making it Right!" can start with each one of us. A belief I share with him. He places this new peace sign on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. I bought myself a sweatshirt with the new symbol on it. I love it. The quality and price of the item was great. I encourage you to go to to read Stephen's entire story about the "new" peace symbol and to learn more about him and what he has brought to Maine. I found him to be an interesting and thoughtful person and absolutely loved his idea of recreating the old peace sign.

As for me...I have expanded my artistic skills to making rock (yes, rock) and shell necklaces. Once I finish a few I will put up a couple of pictures of the items. And, of course, my portfolio of photographs continue to grow.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and I wish you health and happiness in 2010.

Peace and Love,