Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My finds on a Sherborn hike.

There are so many times that I think about how lucky and happy I am that I can go out for an ordinary walk or hike and find things that I believe are unique, things that I find are just a little out of the ordinary, things that I find so visually exciting. These things are all there for all of us to see. It's not as if they're put there only for me to see. The difference is that I always try to stay in the moment and really take in all of my surroundings.

On a hike last month that went a little wrong. Ok, I totally take the blame for this one. But, I did warn my friends about me not being very good at making heads or tails out of a map. We actually never ended or even started on the trail that we had planned to take. The good news is that I found so many interesting things to take pictures of and we had an awesome time.

One of the things we came across were these strange but beautiful things.... not sure what they are but aren't they cool looking? Anyone know what they could be?

And, what can a hike in the woods be without running into some

So that's where we parked the cars before we went to that party. ha ha ha

I knew we were on the wrong trail??? when we kept coming upon these electric towers which my friends thought were jungle gyms.

hmmm, I left out the pictures of friends that couldn't resist climbing up on them.

We definitely had a wonderful day taking the wrong route, enjoyed the nice weather and the very cool things that I found along the way. Of course, I kept pointing my finds out to my friends. I'm not sure if they appreciated them as much as I did.

And then..... we had an awesome ending to our hike by stopping at a horse farm and saying hi to some beautiful horses. I should have taken a picture of the big sign on the fence that said "Do Not Feed The Horses", which my friends did not seem to take note of and kept trying to get me to give up my carrots to them so that they could feed the horses.

And that was our hike in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

As I've said so many times before.....when you're out walking along really look around at all the great things that are right there for your viewing pleasure.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, November 18, 2010

New England - through the eyes of Cathy Stacy

     Wow, it's been too long since my last post. Shame on me! But, now I'm back after many many months of a much needed break from marketing, exhibiting and doing shows.
     During my break I have continued to learn more about photography and the editing of my images; taking and editing videos; learning more about painting with acrylics; marker art and also about the different surfaces that I can create my art on. I've been busy. I just haven't been exhibiting.
     One of the surfaces that I am learning about and am excited to start painting on is wood. Yup, just plain old wood. I'm not talking about the wood that I already paint on such as my wood bookcases, china cabinet and other wood items that are in my home, but blocks of 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 inch wood blocks. I have not created any of these wood paintings yet due to the fact that I am in the process of getting a 25 piece photography exhibit ready for hanging at the Thomas Crane Public Library, 40 Washington Street, Quincy, Massachusetts from Dec. 2nd till Dec. 30th. I have called the exhibit: "New England - through the eyes of Cathy Stacy".
     As a lot of you know...I have a different and sometimes unusual way of seeing things. I seem to view life and things around me in a different way, and at a different angle. I seem to find things that others may find unusual, ironic or just different than the norm. I also do not stage, add in or take out anything that I am going to photograph. Everything must be in their natural state. Everything must be the way that I found them. That definitely sets me apart from most photographers.

     This particular exhibit has special meaning to me because I grew up in North Quincy. I'm excited and proud to show the residents (especially the young residents) my work. I want them to know that a resident of their city walks and views things a little differently than the majority does. I want them to know that it's okay to find beauty in things that others may not. I hope that by me showing my work at this library it will inspire at least one young or not so young person to explore the idea of becoming an artist.

     In this "New England" exhibit you will not only get to see the normal New England images you would imagine seeing in an exhibit titled New England, but you will also see some photographs that I have digitally enhanced to make them look more like a painting than a photograph and you will get to see some unusual things that I have found as I purposely stumble happily through my life.

     I hope you can take a few minutes from your daily schedule to check out my exhibit and see New England through my eyes.
     Peace and Love always,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Park

I love art. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm very passionate about not only my art but art of others. I love seeing the creativeness of other artists whether it's photography, painting, sculptures, etc. My mind and other artist's minds are so creative and are constantly coming up with interesting and creative ideas for our art. We're all very different, our ideas are different and our vision is different. But, then we are all so similar in that we love to create visual beauty.

Ok, on with my story. A few weeks ago I'm out on a long weekend drive across Massachusetts on a site-seeing tour. I've never before explored the western part of my home state. On this particular day we were riding along and saw a sign to a Train Museum. I think, awesome... I'm sure this will be a great photo opportunity for me. I not only think trains are so cool and beautiful in their own way, but also like photographing them. So, I'm following the signs in the middle of pretty much no where's land and low and behold I come upon this corner lot full of art work. I called this lot the "Art Park". The Art Park was on a small corner lot of land that is very similar to a lot of other empty lots that we find in many of our neighborhoods. There was probably once a house or something on it that was torn down for one reason or another. Not really important what it was, but what it is now - it's a small "Art Park". I don't know whose art it was, who put it there or anything else. There wasn't any signs with any information Too bad because I was very curious about the artists. I'm guessing it was a local artist or a group of artists who got together and thought it was the perfect place to show their art work and to share it with the community. I was amazed and so excited that I found it. I couldn't have grabbed my camera and jumped out of the car any faster if I tried. I couldn't wait to get a closer look and to photograph some of the art. I'm not sure what a lot of the sculptures were made out of. Perhaps it was Paper Mache or something like that. It was obviously something that would not be destroyed by the weather. There were a couple of sculptures that were made out of old bicycle parts. There was also a couple of art forms made out of music albums (ya, do you remember or even know what a music album is?). The theme seemed to be mostly around music. One of the two sculptures that didn't seem to have anything to do with music was a pair of giant red Converse high top sneakers made out of this Paper Mache type material hanging from a tree branch. These sneakers were bright red, huge and fun to look at. They were my favorite. I just couldn't help myself from going back to look at them again and again.

I found this art not only interesting and good, but the fact that an empty lot of land was used to share this art work with others was a fantastic idea. Perhaps if there is an abandoned or empty lot in your neighborhood you could suggest it be turned into an "Art Park" by local artists or high school artists in the area. It gives them a place to show their art and to also spruce up the empty lot.

After I finally tore myself away from the Art Park we went and found the Train Museum. Unfortunately it was closed, but we still wandered around the grounds checking out the trains. I wished it had been open so I could have seen what was inside. However, I was glad we at least got to see the trains that were outside of the Museum. Actually, it was probably good that no one was around since my friend could not resist climbing up on one of the trains.

It was a great day. Neither one of these places were on our list of things to see so it was a very nice unexpected find. It's just amazing what you can find if you only keep an eye open and stay in the moment. Expect the unexpected. I hope you stumble upon something that interests you today.

Peace and Love,


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sharpie Art

Seems like Sharpie Art has become very popular. When I started creating Sharpie Art I really didn't think I would love it. However, I have to tell you that it's so much fun and I do love it. Whenever I'm doing art work with my Sharpies I almost feel like a kid again with her crayons. There are pros and cons with using Sharpies just like with any medium, but I find there are more pros than cons in using Sharpies to create with. Unlike paint (or I haven't found a way yet) you can not mix colors to create more colors, but there are quite a few number of colors available. I like the fact that I can just throw my bags of Sharpies in my backpack along with paper or index cards and create work anywhere I want. I have done Sharpie Art on sneakers, index cards, different sized paper and also on tiles. Art doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Art can be simple, but beautiful. Here are a few of my Sharpie Art designs that I did on index cards:

Peace and Love,

Friday, July 2, 2010

PawSox Game and Fireworks

I'm not a big baseball fan, but decided to go to a PawSox game with a bunch of friends. It was fun for the first four innings. That's pretty much my time limit for watching baseball before feeling like I want to fall asleep. So, after settling in and chatting with friends, eating a sausage with peppers and onions and some french fries I was done. Thank God there was going to be fireworks after the game because it gave me something to look forward to. Well, the PawSox lost which was too bad. I have to say, though that if you like baseball you can't beat the price of one of these games and the food was reasonably priced. I don't think there's any bad seat although we had great ones. Even though baseball is not my thing I still had a great time with old and new friends. Plus, I learned so much about baseball thanks to a new friend I met who helped answer a lot of questions I had. She was probably rolling her eyes at how little I knew about this sport. Oh well. Football is my sport. Anyway, I decided to put a few pictures up of the PawSox game and the fireworks afterwards. I have to say the fireworks were awesome. I only took a few pictures because I actually wanted to see the fireworks without seeing them through a camera lense like I usually end up watching them. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Hampshire

I did a long weekend of camping with a great group of friends. We decided to camp at Pawtuckaway State Park, Nottingham, New Hampshire. Since I had some time before I needed to be at the campsite I decided to head up to Rye, New Hampshire travelling along Route 1A beforehand. It was a great ride bringing back memories of times with friends, a one legged sea gull we befriended, and an awesome motorcycle ride I had done. As I was travelling up this time I found this house with this scuplture in it's sprawling front yard. It was called "Spirit". It was carved using hammer and chisel and was done by David Allard Masse. After driving for miles enjoying the beautiful ocean and beautiful homes I decided it was time to head toward Pawtuckaway State Park. I had never been to this park before. I was excited to find out that it had large wooded sites, the park itself was huge, it was beautiful and there was so much to see and do. One day we rented kayaks and canoes. We rowed around exploring the lake which was very large. We ended our two hour paddling by hanging onto a friends boat and just relaxing in the sun chatting up a storm and just having some laughs. The lake was a busy place. Lots of canoers, kayakers, boaters, swimmers, etc. But, there were also quiet places where you could enjoy the tranquility of it all. There were also ducks hanging out at the lake. The entire weekend there was almost a full moon (one night it was full). The moon lit our way around the campsites. At night we watched the sunset and saw the beautiful shadows it painted on the water. On the last day we stopped at the Alpaca Farm. I've never been to one and I'm not sure if I've ever seen an Alpaca up close so this was exciting. They were absolutely beautiful. We wanted to get close and perhaps pet them, but poison ivy and an electric fence kept us away. I guess they knew how to keep this group of friends off their land. We then made our way to Boulder Field. We drove quite a few miles on pavement, then it turned to a dirt road, then it turned into a road that was 'not maintained'. As you can see in the picture of the two SUVs that were in front of me, the last 3 miles was very narrow with large holes and large rocks to deal with. I later learned this unkept road was for four-wheelers. Oh well, my Toyota Carolla loved acting like an SUV. There were only a couple of times that I actually thought I lost an axel. I had wondered if AAA would be able to locate me if my undercarriage let go. It was all worth it. At Boulder Field there are large boulders strewn about. Boulder Field is a glacial remnant area. Rock climbers enjoy doing their thing here. We saw quite a few of them. One climber asked why we weren't climbing today. That was pretty funny since two of us (ya, one of them was me) could barely hike the .4 of a mile into the field. I am so glad I went because the site was spectacular. We saw a huge beaver damn, a beaver lodge, beautiful wild mushrooms and boulders just thrown all over the place. If you ever get a chance...definitely hike in to see this site. If I did it again I would take a picnic to have on one of the boulders overlooking the water.