Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Dates...

Hello my friends...I hope everyone is enjoying this heat and having fun this summer. Personally, it's almost too hot to sit in front of this computer and work on my photographs. But, it sure beats the snow any time. I'm definitely a summer girl. Why am I still living in New England? hmmm

Last week I was in Seattle, WA. I totally loved it there. I didn't get to roam around like I usually do and find all the hidden beauty that I find everywhere I visit because I'm still on crutches. However, I still enjoyed the city. I most definitely want to go back when I can walk without crutches and take lots of pictures like I usually do when I visit new places. I'm sure I will take a lot more than the 400 pictures that I took on this trip. Seattle has a great artist community and I was glad that I went to the Public Market where the artist sell their work.

The artists there were awesome. I chatted with quite a few of them. There were both painters and photographers. It was very eclectic work..some on the weird side (almost bizarre) and I got to see some very different work that I'm not used to seeing here in Boston. That is the best part about art...there is something for everyone. The artists that I spoke with were all very nice and enjoyable to talk to. They told me the art scene is fantastic in Seattle. They told me, however that it's very expensive and there is a 3 year wait to get into the Public Market to sell work. Hmmm, I loved Seattle so much I pondered the idea and still am of putting my name on that waiting list for a spot there. I could definitely see myself living there for awhile. The people are cool, down to earth and friendly... and what more can I ask for if the art scene is as fantastic as they say. But for now I am still in Boston and have some dates where I will be:

August 2nd is the last date my work will be on exhibit at the Peabody Historical Museum, 35 Washington St., Peabody. The hours are 12:00-3:00. At 3:00 I will be bringing home my exhibit unless the photographs have been sold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have been sold.

August 3rd I will be putting up 8 pieces of my work to exhibit at the Lynn Union Hospital. This exhibit will be there through the end of September. Shoot me an email and I can tell you exactly where in the hospital the exhibit will be hanging (

August 28th I will be at Art Fridays again on Summer St., Boston between Macy and Filene's. The time is 11:00am - 6:00pm.

Well, it looks like I'll have my work spread around a bit in August so I can't complain.

Don't your local artist. If you would like to see more of my work, please check out my tabblo at or my website at I also have two portfolios which I could personally show you. One portfolio is all photographs I use for cards and the other is for matted and/or framed photographs. Send me an email if you would like more information about my work or to set up an appointment to view my portfolio.

Enjoy! Life is too short and too beautiful to waste a moment of it.

Peace and Love,


Saturday, July 11, 2009

The sun is out and I'm looking forward to another Art Fridays

Yes, the sun is finally out and will hopefully stay out and be shining bright on July 17th. That's the day I will be back on Summer St. between Filene's and Macy's at the Art Fridays in Boston. I will be there from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (unless there is horrible rain once again). Hopefully, I will be the only one with a tan tent (again) so I can stick out and be easier to find. I will have plenty of cards, boxed cards and prints both just matted and some framed for sale. I am currently working on something exciting and special. I hope (and think) it will be ready for sale by the 17th.

Recently, I have taken a lot of pictures of flowers, Maine and, of course, the fireworks that I saw in Portland, Maine. The fireworks pictures are fantastic if I do say so myself. I will not have these ready for this date, but if anyone is interested in purchasing this type of photography I can always make a special effort to get a few samples done and put together for a personal viewing.

August 2nd is the last day that my exhibit will be up at the Peabody Historical Museum in Peabody. So, if you haven't seen it come on down August 2nd. I will be there with a couple of friends viewing it again. The entire exhibit (not just my work) is worth the time.

Also, mark your calendars for September 26 and 27th for the JP Open Studios. This will be my first year exhibiting at JP Open Studios. I am very excited and the entire event will be worth seeing. There will be a number of fantastic artists who will be participating. I will let you know more about where I will be set up in a future blog. Stay tuned!

And...I was just notified that Barnes & Nobles Book Store has bought some of my work and will be selling it at their Prudential Center store. I'm not sure exactly what they bought at this time through Boston Coasters where I am a source photographer. I will find out very soon. There are also other retail stores that are selling my work such as Tags in Cambridge. If anyone has seen my work being sold at a retail store, please let me know. This is a great way for me to get exposure and my name out there, but the downside is I only get 10% commission on everything sold through Boston Coasters. So, if you are interested in buying my work and I produce that type of product such as cards, photographs matted, photographs framed it would be better for me if you bought it directly from me.

Don't forget Marblehead Used Book Store... if you are looking for a used book to bring to the beach with you this is the perfect place to buy it. Joel sells used books in great condition for cheap money. I also have my photographs hanging there for sale and I also have photographs matted. Tell Joel I sent you.

As some of you know and some who do not... I broke my foot during a Bike Ride to benefit MS June 30th. My foot is in a cast and has definitely slowed me down. I was also told I had and still have side effects from a concussion. I was waiting all winter for nice weather (although we haven't had much of that) to get out there and take pictures of summer time things. So, now I'm looking forward for this cast to come off and make up for lost time taking pictures.

I hope to see you at one of the above events.

Peace and Love,