Friday, March 27, 2009

I've been so busy....

I have been so busy between trying to organize a Fundraiser (the first one I've ever done) and keeping up with my photography that I am so exhausted. The Fundraiser is for an MS Bike Ride that I'm doing in June. It's a 175 mile bike ride from Quincy to Provincetown... yippee. I can't wait. The Fundraiser is this Sunday so that part is almost over. Now the heavy bike training will begin. I'm thinking I'll actually enjoy the physical training more than the Fundraising part. I do enough selling of myself with my photography that I really didn't want to have to take on selling something else, although this is a great cause. It did come a lot easier than I expected. Even with the bad economy people want to help out those in need....... Now as far as my photography... since I last wrote I have won 3 more ribbons... yup, I'm so excited... I won two more 2nd Place Ribbons and an Honorable Mention Ribbon. It's interesting that both 2nd Place Ribbons were won on images that I digitally manipulated. This Yellow Daffodil is one of the 2nd Place Ribbons. It seems as if I have become quite good at digitally manipulating my pictures. I actually really enjoy doing it. It amazes me how much fun and interesting you can make an ordinary photo look by photoshopping them and doing some crazy stuff with them. I just had lunch with a friend today who said she remembers the day when I wouldn't touch my pictures with photoshop. I would just shoot the picture and print it.... I wanted my images natural, but now it gives me pleasure to recreate some of them in the computer. Well, that's what life is all about - change... Oh, one other thing - Happy Spring!
Peace and Love,