Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walking The Beach

It's been too long since I've blogged so here I am. I haven't been in a very creative mood lately for some reason. I did, however attend the meeting at Boston Public Library called "Creative Massachusetts: The Artists Congress 2009" this past weekend. This is the third year that Massachusetts Artists Leaders Coalition (MALC) has put on this free, two day meeting/event. Some of the topics were: Our Creative Future; How to Create Community, Networking and Networking Tools; and Copyright and IP Protection. These meetings are extremely informative and ...hey, you can't beat the price - free. This year I was surprised to see that the attendance was down from last year. I'm hoping my fellow artists haven't given up on their passion. Perhaps they were busy creating art.

Lately I've been walking the beach and just started noticing how much I really, really love the rocks that are on the sand (the larger ones). Rocks all have their own identity and are so beautiful in their own unique way. Some have different colors running through them, some are so smooth and others have beautiful shapes (even ones that remind us of something) to them and so on. I often wonder: how did that rock get that line running through it? How long did it take to get that rock so smooth? How did that rock get its shape? So many rocks (like people) with so many different looks, sizes, shapes, and colors. It's wonderful! When I'm looking down at the sand and at these rocks I am seeing natures art work. The next time you go to the beach...just look and enjoy the rocks and the shells that make up the canvas right at your feet. It's absolutely beautiful.

After a couple of weeks walking the beach and enjoying natures art work I'm finally getting back my creative spirit. I'm finally getting out of my creative slump that all us artists get into now and again. So, soon I will be putting up another group of pictures for you at www.tabblo.com/studio/person/cathystacy. Keep an eye out for it.

Peace and Love,