Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Successful Marblehead Art Walk

I had a very successful first year doing the Marblehead Art Walk. My work was on display and for sale at Marblehead Used Book Store. First off I would like to thank my dear friends Diane and Chris for helping me on Opening Night. They not only helped with the setting up, but more importantly helped to keep me calm. Knowing that I had close friends close by my side if I needed anything really helped keep me relaxed. Hugs to them. While I'm on the subject of friends and support, etc. Quite a few friends came by to see me over the weekend. On Sunday four friends really surprised me and came by that I haven't seen in a few years. That was a huge surprise. It is so nice to know that friends support me and love my work. I really do thank everyone who came all the way to Marblehead. I know it's out of the way. And for those that wanted to like my mother, but I told them not to because it's just too far - thanks for wanting to. Hopefully I'll be showing in your neck of the woods soon. Joel, the owner of Marblehead Used Book Store was extremely pleased with the Marblehead Art Walk. My photography and my outgoing personality brought him quite a bit more business than he usually received on an ordinary weekend. Marblehead Local Access TV also interviewed me and then asked Joel if he would like to be interviewed which I nodded to him - Yes, of course you do. Just love that free publicity. And, I have some even more great news - I will be hanging my work on a permanent basis at the Marblehead Used Book Store, 59B Atlantic Ave., Marblehead. Joel also asked if I would make him up some bookmarks with my different photographs on them so that he could hand out to his customers with the Book Store information on it. So, those two things worked out from this Art Walk for me. Joel has great prices on used books, CD's and DVD's so you really have to check out his store... and soon he will be having some great photography for sale. So.... like I said.... it was a great weekend.

Peace and Love,