Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Honorable Mention

January's Class A Projected Image Competition earned me an "Honorable Mention" ribbon for the attached digitally edited photo which I call "Beach Chairs" at the Greater Lynn Photographic Association. Mike Goodman, MNEC, of New Hampshire was the judge for this month's event. Mike is a member of the Gateway Camera Club and has won many medals locally and worldwide in International competitions. I think this is a fun looking photo and I had it printed on a computer mouse pad. It looks great! I'm thinking of putting it on a t-shirt next. I hope it comes out just as great. The other two pictures that I entered into the compeition were the Christmas Charleston Door which you can see on my Edited Photos Tabblo at and the Wishing Well Window which you can see on my website (Arizona Gallery) I'm having a lot of fun digitally manipulating my photographs and so far it seems to be winning me ribbons.
Peace and love,

Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Back at 2008

Wow, what an interesting year 2008 has been for me. I've been to a number of great places near and far taking pictures. To name just a few – Plymouth, MA; New Hampshire; Newport, Rhode Island; quite a few different places in Maine; New York; Florida and Arizona. I have some great photographs and some great memories. Go to my tabblo at to see these places through my eyes. I don’t usually take the average tourist shots. I seem to see beauty a little differently than others. I like to walk a different path than most people in order to find that interesting person to talk to and/or that ironic but beautiful picture to take. 2008 hasn’t been all fun, though. It has been long hours of hard work editing and organizing pictures, marketing myself, creating, making calls, writing emails, searching online looking for somewhere to hang my work, making contacts, meeting interesting people, going to meetings and classes, ordering pictures and supplies, framing, framing, framing, thinking, thinking, thinking, wondering how I will make it, asking myself if I'm crazy trying to fulfill my dream, explaining to people why I won’t or can’t go back to the boring life of office work, thinking some more, searching, crying, being frustrated, being tired, working, working, working until it's time when I have to go to sleep or some nights actually falling asleep at my keyboard. And then I get up the next day so excited and so full of energy to start all over again. And it’s because I'm doing something that I’m so passionate about. Yes.... aahh, welcome to Cathy’s world...the life of an artist. I wouldn't change it for anything. I love my world. I hope in 2009 you get to do what you are passionate about, too. For 2009 I hope to sell more of my work than I did in 2008 (just like I did from 2007 to 2008); get a small studio/gallery where I can actually show my work; meet more wonderful people than I did last year; smile and laugh more than I did last year; and I want to be able to give back to those not only less fortunate than me, but also to those who have stuck by me and have let me lean on them all those times I needed to. I hope you all love what you do as much as I do. I wish you all much love and happiness in 2009. Happy New Year!
Peace and Love,