Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cathy Stacy Win's 1st Place and 3rd Place Ribbons

I entered a competition called "Dual Projection Format" where you can submit three slides or three digital images at the Lynn Photographic Association (that I belong to) each month. Each month a different judge is picked to critique the work and hand out ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This month the judge was Rick Cloran, FPSA, MNEC. I was extremely apprehensive about doing this because I'm not a competitive person and let's face it - who likes their work picked apart. But I knew that I needed to do this in order for me to learn more about how I could improve my work. I want to grow as a photographer. Well...last night was the first competition. I was sick to my stomach with nerves. I had entered three digital images in the Digital Arts/Creative Category. After being nervous about this night for what seemed like forever the night finally came and everyone's photos are being shown up on the screen one at a time and they are beautiful. The judge was commenting on them. He was a little tough, but I was learning a lot. Then came my first photo - Cam..Boy Dracula...3rd Place. I couldn't believe my ears. Did they really say it won 3rd Place? I was so excited. Then came my second photo which he made a suggestion, but only a suggestion about. Then came my third photo. Lenny Zakim Bridge - 1st Place. I almost fell off my chair. I was numb. I could not believe it. Two ribbons my first time competing. All these people were clapping for me. It was so exciting. Ok, I love my pictures. I think they're good, other's think my photos are good, but for a judge to stand up there and tell a room full of professional photographers and others that two out of three of my photographs took ribbons was almost unbelieveable and just so exciting. Now I know why people compete. But above all I am so happy that a room full of photographers enjoyed my work as much as I do. I will never forget that feeling of excitement.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cathy Stacy's Work on Consignment at SOTP

There is a new Improv Comedy Madness Theatre/Cafe in N. Attleboro, MA at 39 N. Washington St. It's called SOTP - Speed of Thought Players. During the day they serve coffee and other things. The Theatre has old red velvet theater seats that they can move around depending on what the performance is. The place is really cool and definitely worth checking out. And the best part is...I'll be hanging some of my photography there. I haven't decided on which ones to hang yet. I love the excitement of trying to decide which images will work in the different places. It's definitely a guessing game of sorts. Some areas like boats, some like graffitti, others like pictures of the surrounding area. I will definitely give this some thought before making my final decision. Oh... and there will be other artist's work there, too. I will be bringing my photography October 21, 2008 and it will be hung soon thereafter. You can call them to check to see if my work is hung before going in. SOTP's number is 508-809-4699. Don't forget to check out my work on my tabblo at www.tabblo.com/studio/person/cathystacy and my website at http://www.cathystacyphotography.com/.

Peace and Love,