Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cathy Stacy Win's 1st Place and 3rd Place Ribbons

I entered a competition called "Dual Projection Format" where you can submit three slides or three digital images at the Lynn Photographic Association (that I belong to) each month. Each month a different judge is picked to critique the work and hand out ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. This month the judge was Rick Cloran, FPSA, MNEC. I was extremely apprehensive about doing this because I'm not a competitive person and let's face it - who likes their work picked apart. But I knew that I needed to do this in order for me to learn more about how I could improve my work. I want to grow as a photographer. Well...last night was the first competition. I was sick to my stomach with nerves. I had entered three digital images in the Digital Arts/Creative Category. After being nervous about this night for what seemed like forever the night finally came and everyone's photos are being shown up on the screen one at a time and they are beautiful. The judge was commenting on them. He was a little tough, but I was learning a lot. Then came my first photo - Cam..Boy Dracula...3rd Place. I couldn't believe my ears. Did they really say it won 3rd Place? I was so excited. Then came my second photo which he made a suggestion, but only a suggestion about. Then came my third photo. Lenny Zakim Bridge - 1st Place. I almost fell off my chair. I was numb. I could not believe it. Two ribbons my first time competing. All these people were clapping for me. It was so exciting. Ok, I love my pictures. I think they're good, other's think my photos are good, but for a judge to stand up there and tell a room full of professional photographers and others that two out of three of my photographs took ribbons was almost unbelieveable and just so exciting. Now I know why people compete. But above all I am so happy that a room full of photographers enjoyed my work as much as I do. I will never forget that feeling of excitement.